The brief was to create a motion piece for an experimental electro-acoustic composition that explores the textural aspect of the human voice. Some words and sentences were recorded in random settings on a phone by various people. The composer created a matrix of these words and sentences, and later processed through software to create the final piece. The goal was to create a motion piece that can truly complement the auditory experience in such a way that both works would be incomplete without the other. The project was presented at an experimental music concert at the Roy O. Disney Hall at the California Institute of the Arts.


As the composition was based on exploration and experimentation with technology, I felt that following a similar process for the visuals might be interesting. Another important consideration was the heavy use of auditory textures in the composition, which needed to be expressed in a visual format in the motion piece. Trying different visuals and really exploring the boundaries of what can be done with motion was the core of the creative process for this project. At the end, what worked best for each individual section of the composition was brought together and ironed out to create one seamless motion piece that translated the auditory experience into a visual one.


The motion piece successfully translated the distinctly human voice textures, the mechanical distortions, the depth of sound and the sometimes, psychedelic feel of the composition into a visual experience. The audio-visual experience combined leads the listener into a journey through the depths of sound and texture.