I am a creative, curious and disciplined professional, who can go an extra mile to achieve nothing less than excellence.
Design is fun. – that’s the first thing that pops in my mind when I think about design. For me Graphic Design is a combination of exploration, wonder and curiosity coupled with thought & concept.

Branding, Website design, UI/UX design, Identity design, Motion Design, and Typography are some of the areas I work in. I specialize in design for the digital medium and can back that up with coding skills for the web and for motion design and branding.

I hold a Masters in Graphic Design from California Institute of the Arts. My background in Engineering along with my Masters in Graphic Design has uniquely positioned me at the confluence of technology and design, which undoubtedly, is the call of the day.

awards & publications


  • Tenstorrent

    Graphic Designer

  • Movement Labs

    Web Designer

  • Electric Capital

    Event Branding

  • Canva


  • Kitler LA | Expand LA

    Creative Developer

  • Place and Page LA | Investing in Place

    Website Design Consultant | Website Developer

  • Musichead Gallery

    Website Designer | Website Developer

  • Thomas Lawson
    (Ex-Dean, School of Art, California Institute of the Arts)

    Website Designer | Website Developer

  • HeartLab

    Brand Designer | Website Designer | Website Developer

  • Shiny Sign Supply

    Brand Designer | Website Designer | Website Developer

  • Pouya Jahanshahi (GD Program Director, Oklahoma State University)

    Digital Designer

  • Design Quarry Studio

    Graphic Designer