The cover, with its visual representation, should be making a strong statement of the artist’s work and should help to interpret the overall brand and identity of the artist. Personifying the artist and conceptualizing the creative work were two major requirements of the project. The design of the cover should compel the listener to explore the music further.


The challenge of the project was to visually capture the hollow but serene feeling listener would get after hearing the musical notes. The dreamlike feel of the song can be best expressed with the grainy, bluish pink dissolving texture used on the cover. The winding road unravels the melancholy experience the listener has as the music unfolds. The dreamscape, colours and grainy texture of the cover tries to underline the inexpressible depth of the music.


The graphic for the album, highlights that, when music of “Kaputt” begins everything from real world disappears and the listener is teleported into a beautiful landscape of colour and movement. It strongly brings out the melodious, serene persona and creativity of the band and the music equally well.