‘Kagaz’ is an online platform that hosts interviews of famed Indian Classical Musicians. The brief was to design a website for “Kagaz,” that looks modern, functions well and captures the peace and soulfulness associated with Indian Classical Music without conforming to the stereotypical ‘Indian’ designs that are visible everywhere.


The main part of the creative process was breaking down the structure of the website into distinct repeatable design elements that can come together in multiple combinations and still feel part of the same aesthetic. Photography, Typography, Colour palette and Layout were designed in such a way that they created a system that could be easily replicated and scaled.


The combination of the pastel shades, striking monochrome photography and subtle yet personality filled typeface makes for an airtight expandable, scalable and recognizable branding language that works well on both mobile as well as desktop. The overall tone of the branding complements the soft and serious feel of the interviews as well as the field of Indian Classical Music itself.