Heartlab was started in 2020 with the mission of giving the community access to a space that could support learning, growth and healing. The owner, who is a psychotherapist, facilitator and healer in San Francisco, wanted to expand support to the greater community by providing a space for purposes from intimate gatherings to transformative workshops. The space is designed to inspire connection and personal growth.


The challenge here was revamping an already existing image of the owner’s space, which was known for his psychotherapy clinic into an event space which promotes human awareness and growth, in furtherance of personal to global healing. The identity was created to be warm, welcoming, comforting and fresh. The color palette hence, draws heavily from nature and incorporates rich greens, soft blues and warm yellows.


The core of the brand is the soft and almost velvety gradient which conveys the transitions and changes which are part of the healing process and maintains a relaxing and comforting feel. The type, iconography and grid structure provides some contrast to the amorphous backgrounds and anchors the compositions and designs in the gradient space.