“CO” was a branding and website design assignment. This was a company which offers work-space solutions which are flexible. It purports to provide facilities for all segments of customers, from freelancers and Fortune 500 companies alike. The assignment was an end to end project which included logo-design, website design, and print & digital marketing materials. The client wanted a subtle yet bright and vibrant logo and website which was targeted at customers across the globe.


The bright varied patterns along with the concept of the adjustable grids created a flexible branding grid system that referenced the flexible approach to work that CO promoted. The illustrations not only added a human touch and made the brand more relatable, but also pointed at the concept of a variety of people coming together to work in the same space. The brand, with its vibrant colors became a celebration of the flexible, modular and diverse workspaces offered by CO.


The final product was a clean and consistent brand that employed not only colors, typography, and illustration, but also leveraged a modular grid system to create an expressive layout which was unique to CO. The photography worked in tandem with the rest of the brand image. Overall, the branding projects a fresh feel that is easily applied to the website design and marketing collaterals to create a strong unified front.